The Newborn

What Life is Like for a New Parent

Here’s a worksheet to help you plan for your early weeks with baby. What supplies do you need to have to take care of baby, and what supplies and support will you need to take care of you? If you have a parenting partner, how will you divide up the responsibilities for baby care and housework? If you have family members or friends who would like to help out, we have a letter that you could share with them about what would be most helpful.

When Postpartum Becomes Complicated

Whether postpartum is “easy” or hard, you can always use more information, more resources, or support. We’ve collected links to helpful resources. for postpartum.

Caring for Your Baby

In the book, we cover some of the common newborn procedures, here is more information on medical care for newborns. If you’re feeling concerned about your baby’s health, and considering calling their doctor, it’s helpful to gather your information in advance, and have somewhere to write notes: our worksheet for calling baby’s doctor can help. After baby is born, it can be helpful at times to track their daily cycles, so we created a chart for tracking baby’s sleep/wake cycles. And here are links to helpful resources about new babies.

Feeding Your Baby / Breastfeeding

We cover breastfeeding in depth in our book, and cover the basics of all infant feeding. Here’s a collection of helpful breastfeeding resources, in case you need to know more.

When You’re Pregnant Again

If you’re expecting a new baby, it can be helpful to have fun, age-appropriate children’s books about pregnancy, birth, new babies and becoming a sibling. We recommend several kids’ books about birth.

Your Experience: We have created simple journal sheets you can use to record your experiences, from when you first learn of your pregnancy till after your baby’s birth. Your printable journal pages.

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